Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome to Ethiopia Outreach's Blog!

We are a group of 8 medical students from the University of Texas Health Science Center venturing to Ethiopia this summer to work with a local NGO, Common River, conduct community research concerning water and sanitation, and learn about health care in a developing nation.

We will be staffing a clinic a run by Dr. Jonathan Karnes, with the support of Common River, for the people of Aleta Wonda, Ethiopia. We will also visit individual homes to collect data for our research. Many exciting project ideas have been pitched, so we are in the process of selecting what we want to take on and how best to execute the work.

For now, our main focus is fundraising. In total, our travel expenses plus money for medicine and community needs totals around $40,000. We are all working very hard to reach this sum. From small bake sales on campus to a large, carefully planned golf tournament, we are making our way towards our goal. We are incredibly grateful for the help and support from our family, friends, and members of our San Antonio community.

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