Each year, the Ethiopia Outreach Program at the Center brings direct patient care to some of the world's most impoverished families. We view our mission primarily as one of empowerment: empowering the clinics with the means to be successful via supplies and education, empowering the villagers of Aleta Wondo with the confidence to use these clinics as a resource and empowering other medical providers in the area with the opportunity to serve the people of Aleta Wondo. In order to do this each summer, members of the Ethiopia Outreach team:
  • Work with established government clinics to provide intake clinics for the villagers of Aleta Wondo
  • Provide medical supplies and medicine to these clinics
  • Screen approximately 1,000 Ethiopians, most of whom are children
Our team maintains the highest degree of professional and fiscal responsibility; with this kind of outreach, we additionally ensure that our efforts provide real benefit to the communities we serve. For example:
  • Along with our current medical education, our team participates in extensive preparatory sessions with doctors at the Health Science Center that train us on the most common diseases in Ethiopia, cultural traditions and language.
  • Our food and lodging will parallel local norms - we will live in huts and eat local food. Our team is committed to minimizing costs and using most of the funds raised to directly benefit local families.
  • Our team has planned for and participated in various fundraising efforts to raise the funds needed. This includes planned social events for students and faculty, food sales and physical work for local families and businesses.

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