Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fundraising Update

As we enter the new year, Ethiopia Outreach's fundraising plans are in full swing. Our tentative leave date is the 3rd week of May- but this is contingent on raising the funds to purchase our flights. While we all realize the total sum is quite high, we also know with a little creativity and some hard work we can make it happen.

In the fall, we held a few small fundraisers.

The first was our Bake Sale in November. On our health science center campus, bake sales are usually quite successful. There is something about a gooey brownie that is much more satisfying when it is eaten in the middle of physiology or biochemistry lecture. There are plenty of sugar-needing professional students roaming. We all baked something, and a few friends donated items. Thanks to Lauren for the pumpkin cupcakes (yum. I always eat at least two), Brittany for the "awesome turkeys", and Cassie for the delicious vegan cookies.

Special thanks to Brittany Embry for assembling these eye catchers!

In December, Elizabeth Organized a gift wrapping fundraiser through Elf Louise, a San Antonio Organization that provides Holiday gifts for local families who found themselves in financial difficulty during the gift-giving season. We asked for donations from our classmates in return for an organized afternoon of serving our community.

Allison started organizing our "Baby Photo Guessing Game" in late December. We collected baby photos of our professors and classmates and offered prizes to the person that could name the most babies, and the person voted "cutest baby" We finish collecting votes next week, and will announce the winner of cutest baby hopefully by displaying their photo on as many projector screens as possible. Here a few photos from the game:

John Anhalt

Courtney Wiener

Allison Price

Kelsey Bryant

Thank you to all our classmates and the faculty members that participated. We are all eagerly awaiting to hear who will be named "Cutest Baby".

I'll end with a preview of coming attractions:

The best Valentines Party Ever: February 10th

2nd Annual Global Health 5k: March 25th

2nd Annual Ethiopia Outreach Charity Golf Tournament: April 15th

Thanks again to our friends, family, and supporters in the community. We truly appreciate all you do for us!


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